Nicole (Nic) Wong

Nicole (Nic) Wong started dance at the age of three and grew up taking class at West Coast dance academy.

Briefly, she competed at a national level with the studio in the styles of jazz, tap, lyrical, and ballet.

As a teenager, Nic was accepted into the prestigious Orange County School of Art conservatory of classical and contemporary dance.

While her home genre was originally classical ballet, a pointe injury forced her explore contemporary dance in order to stay in the school. To this day, this is her forte. She loves that this style allows her to explore the physics of the body in ways that classical did not—momentum, opposition, gravity, and tension. She also loves that contemporary can convey emotions and stories that are raw and vulnerable, rather than hyper-stylized and performative (though Nic also loves that end of the spectrum).

Nic went on to study Media at UC Berkeley, still dancing daily. Ultimately, she decided to minor in dance performance.

After university, Nic took a break from dance to study Bikram hot yoga for two years.

She then moved to Vietnam in 2017 and started taking class at Dancenter. Fast forward one year: UDG has her as a resident artist! Here, one of her focuses is learning to intuit in the context of contact improvisation, a practice that is new and very exciting for her.