March 2013

Three years later in March 2013. JAZZ! was created.

This show introduced and taught Vietnamese audiences about Jazz dance.

With more members added to the UDG team, this show was able to deliver more diverse

Vietnamese audience was given the opportunities to explore Jazz dance from its roots in Africa – America to Street Jazz of today. Through the three show nights, audience were able to watch a number of performances diversely ranged from well-known Broadway shows such as Cabaret, West Side Story, New York New York, etc. to the very urban styles of Jazz dance such as Afro Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Pop Jazz, and Street Jazz.

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The Spotlight,

October 2010

In October 2010, John Huy Tran created and directed UDG’s first production called THE SPOTLIGHT. A story that takes a deeper look into the lives of dancers during a casting call. With a simple yet deep story line and the help of hit music, The Spotlight was the stepping stone that set the tone for UDG’s future productions and successes. Still in their infancy this was a very exciting time for the first generation of UDG dancers.

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