John Huy Tran

Title: Artistic Director

Day of birth: 29/03/1979

Hometown: Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

We are just a bunch of weirdos and everyone puts their own spice in the pan, we fuse all of our own unique styles together to create our own look, our own flavor, our own swag…

Huy Tran, known professionally as John Huy Tran (JHT) is the Artistic Director and co-founder of URBAN DANCE GROUP (UDG). Together they create and perform independent shows: The Spotlight, Jazz, Song, Between US and more in the making.

JHT is a Canadian dance professional with a passion for performance and teaching. He studied at National Dance Canada and Randolph Academy where he focused on Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre.

Since moving to Vietnam in 2006, JHT is a pioneer, being one out of two teachers to introduce Jazz Dance to Vietnamese Artists and he continues to do so in this present day. Also recognized for his role as a TV Judge, Choreographer and Dance Producer on well-known shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, Little Giants, Dance Your Fat off and many more, audiences and artists connect and respect JHT’s honesty, sincerity and truth. JHT can be found at Dancenter Vietnam where he is a teacher and where he and UDG train.