UDG is Beyond Dancing, we strive to lead the field in Vietnam in dance performance art. We are a diverse professional dance company that utilizes the unique gifts of each member to create our own distinctive style. Our focus is to instill a great love and passion in dance, while inspiring self-confidence, discipline and respect of the performing arts.

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To deliver our most creative and highest quality of dance to bring something new into existence. We will provoke thoughts, inspire our audience and have fun.


We supply meaningful, quality pieces of work and collaborate with like-minded partners who share our East meets West mentality. Through extensive training, nationwide performances, and international exposure, we will reshape movement and build a greater appreciation for dance in today’s world.

Core Values

Authenticity: Embrace originality and to be genuinely passionate through creative dance; presenting works unlike anyone else.

Discipline: Integrate professional behavior with strong training to establish a positive code of behavior that involves Respect, Courtesy, Integrity, Self-Care, Team Work

Courage: To face fear head on and DARE to be GREAT

Excellence: Aim to surpass each day and establish Confidence and Empowerment through hard work and training.

Community: Be part of meaningful opportunities that allow our passion for dance to benefit our community and to Nurture a positive and progressive environment for dance education

Evolution: Change demands mindful awareness to grow. This leads to the development and improvement that will allow us to have constant evolution.

Diversity: Accept, Appreciate, Recognize, Understand, that each individual is unique and to locate each one’s own frequency to shine through.

Gaia is the personification of the Earth and our production touches on environmental subjects that relate to our connection with the Earth and with one another as human beings. Over time our relationships have changed with our planet, the beautiful nature on it and with one another. If we as people do not awaken from our unconscious behavior it will bring negative effects to everyone and everything around us. Gaia will remind us of what we need to do to protect and preserve the relationships around us and open our minds to a more balanced way of life. WE ARE UNIQUE ENERGIES, AND IN THE END WE ARE ONE.

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