Lê Hữu Phước (Lee)

Day of birth: 06/04/1995

Hometown: Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Years active in UDG: 2015-present

Principal style: Breakdance

Lee started to practice breakdancing in 2003. After 12 years of training, Lee met and joined UDG. At the moments, Lee has already marked his name in the breakdance community of Vietnam. Being the champion of Battle of The Year (BOTY) Asia 2010, he continued to compete at BOTY Finals in France and placed 5th worldwide. He also won 1st prize of R16 in 2015 and G-Wave, representing Vietnam to compete in Korea. With a broad knowledge gained from training with UDG, Lee has combined Contemporary with Breakdance and became the 2nd winner of So You Think You Can Dance Vietnam Season 4 in 2015. Following that success, Lee has been invited to be either a coach, judge or choreographer of different competitions in and out of the country. Lee was the only representative from Vietnam to be invited to Tokyo, Japan for performing at Dance Dance Asia 2018. He will continue to represent Vietnam at Battle Mov in France this year 2018.