Đào Phi Hải (Bin Pop)

Day of birth: 13/09/1993 

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Years active in UDG: 2014-present

Principal style: Popping

Before joining UDG, Bin Pop has gained a wealth experience from dancing with different major Hip hop groups within Ho Chi Minh City. Despite being an outstanding popper at UDG, Bin never stops striving to learn and improve himself by attending workshops around the world. Currently, Bin is one of the most well-recognized choreographers in the young community through his works with television shows and programs. Bin has also been a guest judge, a choreographer for several live shows, collaborating with influenced artists. His dominant achievements include:

  • Winner Vu Dieu Xanh 2013 & 2014 
  • Winner Popping 7 to Smoke (URban Jam vol 2)
  • Winner Popping Pop still Dope (King Of the King)