“Congratulations Linh Rateau, John Huy Tran, Sabra Johnson &  UDG !!! "BETWEEN US" - With my opinion: This contemporary dance show is the best, the most excellent, the most humanistic and the most creative one in Vietnam since I came back  here!Thank you UDG , from now, I am officially your FAN , and you guys officially the professional rank Dancer! Respect!

BETWEEN US – Singer, rapper, choreographer Hà Lê

Watching all your sweat and tear , it made me strongly believe that if we have passion, we can get through all the challenges and obstacles. Leaving behind everthing cheap and economy. Thank you all the dancers! wish you all the best on the path you choosed                                                                             BETWEEN US – composer Hồ Hoài Anh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

In the Gala Show, the most emotional part with me is the performance of UDG and John Huy Trần, they brought all the inspiration stories to the stage. By all the soft and strong moves, the artists told us all the beautiful things by a special way. Even though not all of them been showing , the performance still was touching and brought people tear ...

WE CHOICE AWARD 2016 – Actress Chi Pu

I coundnt hold my emotion when I was watching the contemporary dance of UDG which told the story about Mom and Son of Thuy Bop.  This was very special , It made me want to do more in the future .

WE CHOICE AWARD 2016 – An Nguy

Right at the start of the show, I was supprised by simple things, and after that I was touched by all the inspiration people, I cried by the performance created by UDG and John Huy Tran .

WE CHOICE AWARD 2016 – Á Hậu Thùy Dung