BETWEEN US is a contemporary dance performance blending dance, in a unique space.

The show will offer the audience a new experience that never has been created before. During the performance, the audience will be able to experience the art of dancing in an interactive moving space created by the dancers, which will expose to them a world of human emotions – the theme of the show.

Sống show - Life is a game - 2014

Liveshow "SONG – LIFE IS A GAME " is a dance show with the message that young people should live up to their dreams and passions, go through difficult times, and be success. The dance items on the show are connected into a meaningful story.
Liveshow tells the journey of John Huy Tran from Canada to Vietnam, the challenges he encountered, how he passed and had success today. The show was directed by John Huy Tran
Liveshow was performed by UDG dancers and featured celebrities such as My Tam, Phuong Vy, Ha Le, Viet Max, etc.

Jazz-show (11)

Jazz show - 2013

The show represents the process of formation and development of Jazz dance styleU
rban Dance Group dancers (UDGs) performed jazz dances in an hour-long program that includes three parts: Jazz history, Broadway excerpts, and modern jazz.In
the first part, viewer will discover the African Jazz which used to be seen on the streets of America. Throughout the second part, the dancers will perform excerpts from the musicals "Carabet", "West side story", "New York New York" ... Finally, the dancers will describe Vietnamese Jazz dacne style. These dances are inspired by the tunes of "Charleston", "Swing", "Tap" and Hip-Hop.

spotlight show (29)

Spotlight show - 2011

The Spotlight is written and choreographed by Dancenter teachers and choreographer John Huy Tran. Inspired by the world famous music scene and varied to tell the story of the life of the dancers in Vietnam, the show will bring you the highlights from the famous stage but still a little familiar. All the dance will be performed in Broadway style.